NHS is oldest student organization at Caribou HS | Print |
Wednesday, 22 April 2015 10:38


By Kenneth W. Atcheson, II
Caribou High School NHS Adviser

    The Caribou Chapter of the National Honor Society was founded in 1927 under the sponsorship of Caribou High School Principal, Mr. Partridge with the awarding of the Charter on April 13.

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Limestone Community HS | Print |
Wednesday, 22 April 2015 10:37



Contributed photo
    Representing Limestone Community High School as members of the National Honor Society are, from left, Jared Elliott, President Kareena Woodworth, Treasurer Alyssa Sinclair, Vice President Annie Sinclair, Jackie Peers and Secretary Ellyzabeth Bencivenga. Absent for the photo are Jason Sprague and NHS adviser Holly Hancock. The school will hold an NHS induction cereony next month.

Caribou NHS members learn important life lessons | Print |
Wednesday, 22 April 2015 10:32


By Joshua Archer
Staff Writer

    CARIBOU — Molding leaders out of Caribou’s youth takes a talented advisor and a group of motivated high school teens ready to accept the responsibility of being members of the National Honor Society.


Aroostook Republican photo/Natalie De La Garza
    Participating in the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony held at Caribou High School last November were, from left, front row: Ricky Perry, Katie Pelletier, Kyle Tibbetts, Donnovan Savage, Elise Gudde, Molly Adams, Irene Thibodeau, Kristin Macek, Mackenzie Deveau, Emma Jandreau and Michael Hunter. Second row: Megan Theriault, Chelsea Chapman, Kate Finnemore, Benjamin Ezzy, Executive Council Member Morgan Outing, Corresponding Secretary Brianna Judd and Maria Espinosa. Third row: Sarah Draper, Ethan Plourde, Recording Secretary and Dinner Chairperson Sarah Doak, Nathan Wall, Elijah Verhoff, Madison Staples, Chapter President and Ceremony Chairperson Michael Marquis, Courtney Cote, Katilyn Ring, Kendra Coffin and Vice President and piano soloist Kristopher Michaud. Absent from the ceremony due to illness was Erin Patton.

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What Kids Say | Print |
Wednesday, 08 April 2015 12:52


    The Aroostook Republican recently asked Connor students, “If you could make any change in the world to your vehicle, what would it be?”
    The students had fantastically creative responses, and many would agree that a giant-sized pizza machine would make a fantastic vehicle.

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Tech students offer tips on spring cleaning your car | Print |
Wednesday, 08 April 2015 12:50


Aroostook Republican photo/Natalie de La Garza
    Automotive students at the Caribou Regional Technology Center recently offered words of wisdom to guide car owners this spring. Pictured are, from left, Meghan Everitt, Dustin DeMerchant and Mason Huck.

By Natalie de La Garza
Staff Writer

    CARIBOU — Of all the things undergoing the rigors of spring cleaning, make sure your car is one of them.
    “Wash the undercarriage of your car, get all that salt, dust, dirt and debris out of there,” said Mason Huck, a junior at the Caribou High School and an automotive student at the Caribou Regional Technology Center. Huck cautioned that the salt and gunk from winter roads could lead to rust.

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Old Trucks vs. New Trucks | Print |
Wednesday, 08 April 2015 12:47


Reid Margeson

By Reid Margeson
Grade 5, New Sweden

    New trucks are better than old trucks because they have a lot more horse power. Old trucks may not have as much power to haul a big load. If they do not have the power the truck cannot haul the load. New trucks have a lot more horse power than old trucks. New trucks are better because if you need to haul a big trailer it has the power you need. If you needed to haul a 5th wheel trailer with an old truck, it might spin or it just would not move. If you wanted to haul a 5th wheel trailer with an old truck, your motor would be revved up, your RPM’s would be high, but you would blow your motor before you move far.
    The old dump trucks may not run as good as new dump trucks. Old dump trucks many not have as many parts for them in stock or shops. New dump trucks have more space to put dirt in the back of it. Old dump trucks are more likely to break down because the motor has run for a long time and the motor is worn out. That’s why old dump trucks don’t run as well.
    Editor’s note: Reid’s story was regretfully omitted from last week’s issue of Newspapers in Education. The Aroostook Republican deeply regrets the omission, and would like to thank Reid for his fantastic comparison piece on the merits of Old Trucks versus New Trucks.